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Your guide, Don Ino

Origin, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico, 1963

My spiritual journey has been constant throughout my life, dedicated to the service of others.

Ten years ago, I felt that my service would materialize in an aspect directly related to healing, while working as director of Jardín de luz, a meditation center in Zapopan, Jalisco. A shaman from Chiapas with more than 40 years of experience, Don Miguel Garay, arrived at this center with the aim of conducting several pre-Columbian ancestral therapeutic ceremonies. He had a revelation and invited me to become his disciple for a year. For 7 years now I have been serving this therapy and Mother Ayahuasca, for which I have infinite respect and devotion. I also had the opportunity and privilege throughout this time to be alongside Germán Santos, a skilled and farsighted physician trained in Peru by the Taitas in the Yaminahua tradition deep in the Amazon jungle.

I am the heir and guardian of an ancient tradition, using only the original concoction with its two ingredients, Ayahuasca and Chacruna.

My service is very personalized, connecting with each person and thus creating mutual trust so that this experience can bring deep, lasting and significant results. My ceremony attendees travel to Mexico from many parts of the world and I can conduct them in Spanish, English and French.

In 2021, my service guided me to France."

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